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Piclist is the fast and colourful tool to create everyday lists.

Groceries, todo lists, gifts - whatever your needs. Pictlist uses Web Image Search to decorate your lists with pictures. The lists you create with Pictlist are colourful and easier to work with than plain text-only lists.

You can use the images that Pictlist automatically finds for you - or pick the one you like. When you add something to a list, Pictlist remembers it so you can use it over and over again in other lists.

Pictlist also lets you add tags to items to make it easy to sort them and search for them. And Pictlist is designed to make it easy to create and manage your lists FAST. If you need a tool that is fun and easy to use - and lets you get work done fast - give Pictlist a try.


- Web-based image search to automatically find images for your lists.
- Re-usable list items: once you add something to a list use it in future lists.
- Easy-to-use smart interface lets you create and manage your lists quickly.
- Tag support: adds tags to your list items to enable sorting and searching (e.g. 'Fruit and Vegetables', 'Business', 'Clothing'). Assign as many tags as you like to items.
- Apple Watch Support


- iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6+ iOS 8.X
- iPad 3, 4, Air & iPad Mini+ iOS 8.X

Richard Mischook