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My Deadlines

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My Deadlines

​My Deadlines is now also available with iCloud! Sync your deadlines across Apple devices with support for iPad, 3D Touch and Apple Watch.

Receive quick and useful alerts and view your deadlines from the comfort of your wrist without even having to reach for your phone.

My Deadlines enables people to organize their deadlines and projects efficiently and intuitively. Whether you're a college student or a busy parent, My Deadlines helps you sort out your day in a simple and ingenious manner.

My Deadlines can import events from the Calendar App to increase efficiency and format already created events into the My Deadlines format.

When I first came up with My Deadlines, I wanted users to be able to create and input deadlines quickly and easily. I also wanted them to be able to see their deadlines in chronological order. As I designed My Deadlines, I realized that there was one key component my app was missing: deadlines by priority.

Deadlines can now be arranged by priority, with 3 being high priority, 2 being medium priority, 1 being low priority, and 0 being no priority.
Rahul Sarna