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Adventurethon is all about setting a big challenge for yourself. There are multiple distances to choose from so the challenge is up to the Athlete. Whether you have trained for months or just decided the week before to give it a go, it’s all about what you can put together on the day that counts. Any Adventurethon challenge can be done as an individual, tag team or side by side team to get a different experience for the day!

The Adventurethon App gives you information on upcoming Events, the Courses, and the Legs you'll be trekking out on on the day. You'll be able to see the Legs in detail with some information containing tips and tricks to make it a bit easier, or if you prefer, all the more challenging.

While training you can use the Tracking function to record your journey, time taken, distance travelled, and average speed or pace.

On the day the Tracking function is also used to include your marker on the live tracking screen at the Event allowing everyone to keep an eye on your progress.

Finally we've included Maps of some great locations if you're keen to do a bit of exploring in your local area or mix up your training schedule with something different.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This application uses your location in the background while tracking mode is enabled. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
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