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UNIQUE! Amaze your friends by turning both your Apple Watch and iPhone into a dot-matrix LED display! It is the best way to express yourself and communicate in noisy environments. Or discretely exchange messages in business meetings, in class, etc. The extension towards the Apple Watch creates even more creative ways to communicate with a LED message.

How to use: simply enter your message in the text box on your iPhone and tap Enter. The message is now shown on your iPhone and on your Apple Watch.

- Simple and user friendly interface
- innovate, creative and unique way to use your Apple Watch: your friends will be amazed
- Speed selection
- Foreground and background color selection (upgraded version)
- No message length limits

- Flirting. Use it to talk to that cute girl at the disco
- Speak to your friends 10ft away in your classroom without the teacher noticing
- Chat with your colleagues while in a business meeting
- You just can talk because you have your mouth full ;)
Jeff Sykes