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Lockit Secure Password Manager

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Lockit Secure Password Manager

Too many passwords to remember? Imagine never needing to remember a password ever again.

Lockit can save you up to a full work week each year, by remembering all your passwords, website logins, credit cards, contact information, and pin codes so you don't have to.

See what our customers have to say about Lockit:

"Before Lockit, we relied heavily on our assistant to keep track of file folders. Since we started using Lockit her productivity has increased ten-fold." - David G., B and G Law

What will you do with all the extra time you’ll save by using Lockit?

- Clean, modern design that enhances your workflow
- Customizable categories let you secure anything and everything (passwords, logins, credit card information, private notes, contact information, rewards programs, memberships, and more)
- Generate strong passwords using our built-in password generator
- Use Face ID, Touch ID or a PIN code to streamline account access
- You choose how to store your data - either locally on one device or backed up to the Lockit Secure Cloud
- Easily copy and paste any information with one tap
- Automatic icon selection for your favourite brands with over 280 icons to choose from
- Never interrupt your workflow - create secure records as you browse Safari
- Auto-fill and login to online accounts in Safari
- Auto-fill online credit card and contact information forms in Safari
- Use 3D Touch shortcuts to perform actions from the home screen

- Automatic secure backup of your information to the Lockit Secure Cloud
- Recover all of your account information in seconds if a device is ever lost of stolen
- Store unlimited records and custom categories
- Safely store documents, photos, videos, and audio within your records
- Anywhere access across all your devices
- Remotely wipe compromised devices

- Military-grade AES 256-bit encryption protects your private information
- Your master password and encryption key are never stored so only you have access to your information
- Remotely wipe any device that is ever lost or stolen
- Self-destruct allows you to delete all data on your device after repeated failed login attempts
- Two-factor authentication securely authorizes new devices
- Industry-leading 100,000+ iterations of PBKDF2 prevents unauthorized access and brute-force attacks

- Dedicated support team
- Fast-response email support

Currently available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac!

Let us know how we are doing. Email us at: [email protected]
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