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Viadi Zero

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Viadi Zero

Viadi Zero with the new zero-click timetable and the first live map in Switzerland

Zero-click timetable - faster than ever
To the office in the mornings, home in the evenings except for Wednesdays when you go to the gym? Viadi Zero learns from your habits and shows the next connection to your destination without any input.
Use Viadi Zero for a couple of days and you will notice the suggestions improve daily.

Live map - public transport as live as never before
The Viadi Zero live map shows you the current locations of all public transport vehicles in Switzerland at a glance. It has never been so easy to view the timetable, Mobility and PubliBike locations directly on the map.

Finding a free Mobility - easier than ever before
With the new availability display on the live map you can quickly and easily get an overview of the vehicles near you. It has never been so easy to find the next free Mobility vehicle.

Connections - as many as never before
Viadi Zero finds connections that others cannot.
Short transfer: Changing quickly is no problem for you? The Trainers-Connections will get you from A to B faster.
More than public transport: In addition to public transport, do you also like to take a PubliBike or Mobility? Viadi Zero knows when it saves you time.

Viadi Zero offers a range of other features:
- Current timetable data and rail traffic information, including delays starting from one minute
- The Viadi Zero Hero informs you with push notifications if there is an issue with one of your saved journeys
- You want to cover part of your journey from A to B on the water? No problem with the boat filter.
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