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Jarvis Legal

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Jarvis Legal

Jarvis is the world’s first legal practice management software that provides an automated and centralized way to gather, manage and collaborate on your client information which allows you to stay focused on practicing law and maximizing revenues.
- Save 30% of your time thanks to all of our automated processes
- Increase team efficiency by working on documents in real time
- Bill 10% more thanks to automated time tracking
- Work even offline thanks to your local JarvisDrive and mobile apps
- Keep all of your data in one place safe and secure in the cloud

Jarvis offers a distinctive approach: you directly start working on your documents and let Jarvis automatically extracts content from them to create client, bills and much more.

On you iPhone or iPad, Jarvis Legal is always up and running. Even when you are offline. Jarvis will synchronize automatically next time it goes online again.

Jarvis Legal comes up with a dedicated and individualized customer support.
Alexandre YEREMIAN