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Imperium 3

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Imperium 3

Twilight Imperium is celebrated as one of the greatest board games of all time. Take your game to the next level by wielding the ultimate tool for players.

Imperium 3 is a companion for Twilight Imperium (3rd Edition) which has been specially designed and carefully crafted for iOS.

● Browse - Race Lore, Abilities and more
● Dynamic Unit sheet - dynamically updated as new Tech is unlocked
● Track and Plan - tech tracking and targeting. "How do I get a War Sun as fast as possible?"
● Carefully Designed - Hand drawn vector graphics, iOS optimized, iPhone and iPad layouts supported

What people are saying about Imperium:

"This is just what I needed. Great design! Keep it coming. I love it! You make me happy! Where do you live? Not in a creepy way, but a way that suggests I want to play the game with you. And when I say game I mean twilight imperium. You knew that..."

- An Actual App Store Review
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