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Simple Matrix Calculator

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Simple Matrix Calculator

Simple Matrix Calculator is an app to perform calculation with matrix in an easy and fast way from both your iOS device and Apple Watch using both real and complex numbers.

Choose the operation you're interested in, insert the dimensions of the necessary matrices without any limit and insert the values one after another as real number using roots and expression, swipe on the matrix or tap a number to move between the elements, when you finished tap Next to insert the next matrix or Calculate to see the result. All in a simple and intuitive interface.

Save the calculated result or an inserted matrix in memory to reuse it later on or create a new one to use. Simply tap the M button to save, load and view memories. When looking at the overview or at the result double tap it to show or hide the indices of the matrix, tap a number to edit it.

Supported operation:
- Sum
- Product
- Rank calculation
- Determinant calculation
- Transpose calculation
- Inverse calculation
- Cofactors matrix calculation
- Eigenvalues and eigenvector calculation

New operation will be added soon, if you have a specific request let me know on Twitter @piscoTech or from inside the app.

Note: due to the internal representation of numbers, very large and very small ones, in absolute value, may be approximated.
Marco Boschi