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This app is useful for non-equipped-AIS-vessel like small ships. When you are sailing on the sea within "service area" with small ships, this app alerts you to the approach of large vessels which are sending their own AIS information to you even if you are working or fishing and so on. Especially, "AR" function is useful for you when you are in the night and/or low visibility due to dense fog.
We will regularly expand "service area" of AIS. You can confirm the latest on "J-Marine Cloud" website or this app's "service area" menu.
・This app alerts you with sound and vibration, if the large vessels are into the "Guard Zone".
・"Guard Zone" range is up to 5nm.
・The AIS information is layered on the camera view in using the "AR" function.
・The AIS information is regularly and automatically updated around yourself about 5.4nm.

【New function】
・Adjusting of display brightness for night mode.
・Displaying the estimated 5 minutes later position and course from the AIS based information.

・This app needs a Camera, GPS and Compass to use "AR" function.
・This app will be expected to spending a high performance because of using a Camera and GPS and Compass at the same time.
・The map in this app is not nautical chart and not to use for navigation.
・This app needs a spare battery or power supply because the power consumption will be raised during the app is running.
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