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The Mrs Magic Mirror

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The Mrs Magic Mirror

The Mrs. Band was born from the realization that women in their 30s and 40s were not reflected in today’s pop music. To share their unique voice and spirit, The Mrs. released their first single and video, “Enough,” which went on to inspire a movement focused on female empowerment. As seen on Good Morning America, Univision, and The Queen Latifah Show, The Mrs. is a fresh new voice in the pop / Top 40 genre. Blazing a new trail in the music industry, The Mrs. Band brings forth a message of positive affirmation and uplifting support for women from all walks of life. This powerful movement led to the creation of The Mrs. Magic Mirror app, a focal point for a community of women to bond together as they support and inspire one another to focus on their positive attributes.

The Mrs. Magic Mirror is a mirror application that delivers a positive and meaningful experience to change the negative way women see themselves. Inspired by The Mrs. song “Enough,” the Magic Mirror encourages women to have a different dialogue with themselves, as well as their friends and families. It also provides a platform for The Mrs. to unite with their fans to build a powerful movement of positive change.


- The Mrs. Band Magic Mirror allows users to send encouraging and supportive messages to friends and loved ones.
- With an intuitive and easy design using the iPhone’s embedded camera as a mirror, within app functionality allows users to choose special notes called “Enoughies.” You may also customize your own special wishes to inspire and uplift your personal network.
- Send anyone within your personal contact list a pop up “Enoughie” which will appear on their home screen.
- Post and share your affirmations and good thoughts to Twitter and Facebook.
- Listen to The Mrs. Band single “Enough” and stay connected to The Mrs. latest music, tour news and public appearances.

Install this app for free and start sharing with your friends and family today. We will be developing new functionality and would love to hear your feedback to help us build an application that you love.
Andy Tryba