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Stop&Go+ Music Player

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Stop&Go+ Music Player

Get the music player you need, combining ease-of-use with professional grade features :

- Crossfade songs
- Cue songs with the Stop&Go mode (auto pause)
- Use VERY large buttons to control playback
- Disable automatic locking of the screen
- Quickly edit playlist during playback

"Plus" version exclusives :
- Save multiple playlists
- Shuffle songs (with crossfading)
- Adjust the crossfade duration (Crossfade and Shuffle modes)
- Switch to a darker appearance
- Choose whether to disable automatic locking or not
- Choose whether to repeat playlists or not
- Get the "Repeat 1" mode
- Open audiobooks and podcasts

You still get a bunch of cool features like smoother music pausing (using crossfade mode), "play next" or "prepare song" options, and straightforward playlist reordering.

The "Stop & Go playback mode" pauses playback between each track of the playlist, because sometimes you don't want your device to automatically play the next song.

New playlists are created empty, and any modification you make to them (adding or removing songs etc...) are automatically saved. You can then select any playlist you have created through the playlist selection menu.

You can load a standard playlist made with the iPhone music player by creating a new playlist in Stop&Go+ and adding all songs from that standard playlist through the playlist tab of the Add song menu.

Stop&Go can play iCloud songs when they have been downloaded on the device through the Music app. Apple Music songs can't be played as they are DRM protected.

I welcome your feedback, feel free to leave a comment in the App Store.

Please report issues to :
[email protected]
as I can't get back in touch with you through the comment section of the App Store.
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