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Where am I Widget

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Where am I Widget

This App provides you with a simple but powerful Today Widget to easily track your location, speed, altitude and heading!

Your current location is now always just one swipe away from you. And this can be really helpful... just think of a case of emergency!
The widget can show you the actual address you are passing by, the altitude, speed and heading.
To share or save a location, simply touch the "+" button, and these two options will appear. This can be useful to save the location of your car.
You can retrieve your saved locations in the App.

Thank you for downloading!
If you have questions or a problem with this App, feel free to contact me... and if you like the App, I would be very happy if you give it a rating ;)
Have fun!!

This App does NOT publish your location data! And never will.
All locations are stored locally and secure on your device.
Tobias Berg