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Cauchy Distribution Function

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Cauchy Distribution Function

The Cauchy distribution is a continuous probability distribution. Its cumulative distribution function has the shape of an arctangent function arctan(x).

The Cauchy Distribution Function Calculator utilizes data input via data entry text fields for the Percentile (x) Parameter, the Location Parameter and the Shape Parameter.

The Cauchy Distribution App computes PDF/CDF data tables and graphs. The data pairs have a range of -10.0 to 10.0 for 200 data pair points with an increment value of 0.1.

The Cauchy App graphs are touch enabled. Upon touching the graph a vertical line appears. Move the vertical line to the left or right to display the point (x/f(x)) data in the upper left of the graph.

The horizontal x-axis displays x values. The vertical y-axis plots a range of F(x) values.

Horizontal Max and Min dashed line display the Maximum and Minimum F(x) values
Donald Schaefer