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My Metrolink Edition Instant Route and Stop Finder

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My Metrolink Edition Instant Route and Stop Finder

NOTE: This app is not affiliated or endorsed by any transit web site. This app is developed based upon Metrolink Public GTFS data, Transit API, Street Map View API, Foursquare API and Yelp services etc. The purpose of this API is to integrate a variety of services into your daily life especially during your trip to your work place, going home or any other places.

For any feedback, suggestion or support, send an email to [email protected].

This is a free version. To purchase this app, you can use the in-app purchase or purchase the full app.

Key unique features:
- The built in transit database is based upon the latest Metrolink GTFS data.
- The static information is retrieved from database with optimized performance.
- The offline schedule is also built into the local database. No internet is required for the schedule.

- Support Apple Watch:
- Nearest Stops and Bookmarks
- Stop schedules

This app has the following features built on the latest Metrolink GTFS database:
1. Route View: Select a route to see the directions. Bookmark your favorite route.
2. Direction View: Select a direction to see the stops.
3. Stops View: Select a stop to see the schedule or click on "Map" button to view the stops. You can bookmark multiple stops and those stops will appear as in the bookmark view.
4. Prediction view: List the arrival time of trips for a selected stop
5. Trip view: List the arrival time for the selected trip.

- Map View: Click on a stop to see the street view or map view. Click on the "Favorite" button to bookmark a stop. Click on "Yelp" button for Yelp search and "Foursquare" button for foursquare search.
- Trip Planner View: Public transit search between any two locations.
- Yelp Search View: Yelp search based upon your current location
- Foursquare Search View: Foursquare search based upon your current location or any location.
- Bookmark view: Click on any stop to view the schedules.
- Improve the performance.
Calvin Chen