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iPresto App works on Base E12 Framework for iOS devices, allows Enterprise applications built on Base E12 platform to run from iOS devices.

Following Base E12 enterprise application components can be used from Base E12 Framework for iOS devices
*Connect to your application server using your same user id and password which is used for Base E12 applications.
*Access the role based dash board
*View workflow request and Approve or Reject it.
*View reports, which are built to view from mobile devices.
*Use the bulletin board feature of the platform.
*Change password, reset password.
*Operate light weight Wizard transactions (For example Daily Call reporting of CRM).
*Close loop marketing module (Download presentation and show presentation about the brand to customer)

What can not be done on Base E12, which can be done from the PC client
Can not operate heavy data entry transactions.
Can not operate heavy process.
Can not retrieve large reports.

This application can be used only with BaseE12 enterprise server.
Base Information Management Pvt. Ltd.