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Radar Social

by Loopr
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Radar Social

by Loopr
Radar Social is a simple first of its kind privacy preserving messaging / localization / socializing app.
No social network identification necessary. A simple and uncluttered interface to help you get in touch with those near you.

You start the app, you select a network hashtag (a keyword or sentence you will have shared or agreed with your friends, or maybe something to do with your interests). Then define how long you want to be visible, activate the radar (once or in auto update) and that's it: now you can see who else is near you (in a voluntarily limited perimeter). This app is there when you don't need the precise map, the names, but just the approximate distance and direction of those you'd like to meet, because you know the place and just want to meet them.

A few examples:
1) Want to know last minute in which bar your friends finally found some free seats?
2) Want to check if there are other lonely souls like you sharing a same passion, interest or whatever in your close perimeter?
3) Want to meet someone you don't really know well without giving too much of your private info?
4) Don't want to commit on being there but "just check the radar, I might just be..".
5) etc.. you've surely (don't call me..) got plenty of imagination..

An internet and GPS based socializing app but with a fun real world twist where you still need to get out to see who that UFO (unidentified friendly object) really is.

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.