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Qwaz Audio

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Qwaz Audio

Qwaz Audio is an intelligent audio recorder and player for iPhone, designed to help for transcription of audio files into text. It has been designed, crafted and tested for nearly four years by a journalist for its own daily needs.

Qwaz Audio is a valuable tool for journalists, social science researchers, students, writers, personal or private secretaries, press officers... It divides by about two the time spent on voice retranscription into text.

Qwaz Audio is based on a simple idea: setting the playing speed of the recording to fit the exact typing speed of the user, in order to prevent numerous stop/rewind actions that waste precious time. Qwaz Audio provides special signal processing to preserve audio pitch for voice or music, while slowering —or increasing— playing speed. It can also be used by musicians while transcripting audio recordings into scores, and by speech therapists when studying their patients voice disabilities.


• Two adjustable playing speeds, for transcription and fast listening
• “Automatic rewind on pause” delay setting
• Gain slider to adjust bad level recordings.
• Speech-controlled player buttons, when a headset is plugged in
• Simulated force feedback button for a better accuracy in playback head setting
• Time marker insertion to better remember context when re-listening of an audio recording.
• Background recording
• Automatic saving when a phone call occurs
• Tag important moments during recording
• Brightness setting while recording, to save batteries
• Realtime battery life calculator for recording
• Audio file emailing.
• iCloud Drive™ ready for backup and import. Using third-parties free aps, import&export with Owncloud™, DropBox™ and other personal or commercial cloud services
• Audio files access using iTunes™.
• Available in english and french
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