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People need to drink water every day. Drinking more water has many benefits for the human body.
1. Replenish the water needed in the human body in time.
2. Relieve constipation, detoxify and nourish the face.
3. Prevention of hypertension and arteriosclerosis.
4. Prevent heart disease.
5. Lose weight.
6. Drinking a small glass of warm boiled water before going to bed can also improve the quality of sleep.

If you often forget to drink water because of your busy work, or don't know how much water you should eat in a day.
Don't worry, 8water will provide you with the best solution.
If you record drinking water data on time, you will get different plant partners and flower pots.

【Why should you choose 8water?】

〓Cultivate drinking water habits and gather plant partners.〓
More than 27 different plant partners and 24 different flower pots, as long as you record the drinking data on time, you can get.
You can freely combine plants and flower pots according to your own needs.

〓View the plant archive and learn about the plant partners.〓
Each plant is a good partner for you to develop healthy drinking water habits, and they also have their own personality.
When you get a new plant partner, you can check the corresponding archive. In the process, you may have some interesting discoveries.

〓Plants remind you to drink water.〓
When you record the drinking data on time, you are equivalent to watering your plant partners, and they will be happy.
Although your plant partners are sleeping at night, they also need water at this time. Of course, you also need it!

〓Various statistical analysis, tracking drinking water data.〓
For drinking water records, we provide rich charts to help you make the most effective drinking water plan.
You can also record your drinking water data in Apple's Health App (HealthKit).

〓iCloud data synchronization, information security and stability.〓
The app supports data syncing between multiple devices, but you don't need to register an account.
Your data will not be sent to our server. Don't worry about the privacy of the data.
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