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JoiiSports is a health promotion tool which provides heart rate monitoring by heart rate device and workout historical summary data that allows you to exercise more efficiently and safely.

JoiiSports also offers the "Team Buidling in Cloud" and the "Personal Achievement Challenge" function, which encourages people to do workout by the power of the social community.

What is effective exercise?

Effective exercise can be indicated from heart rate. General speaking, the maximum heart rate of each person is “220 – age” (unit: beats / minute). Effective exercise defined by JoiiSports is that the heart rate during exercise is greater than 55% of the maximum heart rate.

For example, a 28-year-old office worker has a maximal heart rate of 192 bpm (220-28). To achieve effective exercise, the heart rate must reach 106 bpm. (192x0.55) The heart rate is over the maximal heart rate when doing exercise will affect your health due to overloading of heart.

People often can not distinguish between workout and body wastage because of no any indication. Heart rate is the key to effective safe exercise.

JoiiSports features

Easily and efficiently do workout

■ Indication of effective exercise time and effective calorie – Calculate the time and the calorie burned during workout when heart rate is over the value which is 55% of maximum heart rate

■ Display of heart rate distribution - activity area, aerobic area, endurance training area, anaerobic area respectively

■ Accurate calorie calculation - according to heart rate during workout

■ Log movement distance and track from GPS

■ voice/image reminder according to heart rate - to indicate invalid/excessive workout

■ Integrate with Apple HealthKit - You can see heart rate and calorie changes from the Apple Health App

■ Sync. function with heart rate monitoring device - no need to take a mobile phone during workout

Enjoy your workout

■ Workout with your family and friends – Create Competition teams or Target

teams at Cloud for virtually do workout together

■ Personal achievement – Challenge to yourself for regular workout with accumulating consecutive weeks

■ Challenge Hall of Fame - the highest court of JoiiSports when achieving workout for 52 weeks

■ Resting heart rate measurement and analysis - heart and lung function can be monitored

■ News Feed – Share workout feeling and result to your family and friends

Attention please,

"Continued use of GPS or Bluetooth running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life of smart phone."
Joiiup Technology Inc.