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Compass/Mobile Problem Locator

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Compass/Mobile Problem Locator

ComSonics’ has integrated the Compass Signal Leakage Platform with the Mobile Problem Locator (MPL). The MPL function provides the cable telecommunications user with the ability to record various types of issues found in the cable plant and other utilities such as power, telephone, gas, and water determined by visual inspection. The new Compass functionality adds a number of options for identifying, storing and forwarding signal leakage to the ComSonics' Genacis server as well as supporting job order maintenance. The CompassMPL app supports the ability to submit signal leaks, construction issues and work order closeouts for signal leakage type problems. Provisions are included for recording the location of cellular towers to help combat LTE interference issues.

The CompassMPL app is integrated into the ComSonics’ GENACIS Web application and is therefore capable of interacting with signal leakage data already stored. Using this tool, the user can also customize their problem found and resolution code lists to match their individual preferences. Export file capability is provided for each utility via the web interface.

A demo mode is provided to introduce the operation of the CompassMPL. Upon entering into a subscription service with ComSonics and connecting with ComSonics GENACIS server, the application status will change to the live version with full interactivity. The subscription service limits each user to two simultaneous active devices; however, the user can add other devices by deactivating one of the two active devices.

The customer is required to contact ComSonics Customer Service to begin the CompassMPL subscription service. After customer signup, the Web application will need to be set up to authenticate potential users of the service. An administrator will need to enter in their user names and passwords that will then be used for their login authentication for the CompassMPL application. Failure to authenticate will disallow connection.

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