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Near Lock

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Near Lock

Use your iPhone to lock and unlock your Mac automatically. When you walk away from your Mac, it will be automatically locked. Once you approach your workplace, Near Lock will unlock your Mac.
Unlock your Mac with your fingerprint (Touch ID), double knock, Apple Watch, notification widget or use the iPhone 3D touch.

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To use Near Lock download the Mac application:

• locking and unlocking your Mac automatically - depends on the distance between your iPhone and your Mac
• easily set the distance on which your Mac should be locked or unlocked
• for additional security use your fingerprint (Touch ID), double knock or Apple Watch for each Mac login authorization
• manually lock and unlock your Mac with your iPhone
• knock twice on your iPhone for a faster Mac login.
• take a picture and receive a notification when anyone tries to login into your Mac.
• track and see all recent Mac login and logout times.
• WiFi Unlock - keep your Mac unlocked while connected to your selected WiFi network (e.g. Home network)
• Clipboard - copy and paste text to and from your Mac
• choose between sleep (hibernate) and screensaver when locking your Mac
• receive notification when your Mac is locked or unlocked
• unlock your Mac directly with the iPhone's interactive notifications - swipe left on received notifications
• control your Mac through the iPhone Notification Center Widget - quickly lock and unlock your Mac from anywhere on your iOS device
• control your audio: pause music when you log out, play when you login - works with Spotify, QuickTime, VLC, iTunes
• to save your battery Near Lock uses Low Energy Bluetooth 4.0 for the communication between your devices
• control Near Lock from your iOS device or your Mac's menu bar
• make locking and unlocking your Mac faster with 3D Touch - only iPhone 6S or newer
• use your iPhone to control multiple Macs
• find my iPhone feature - in case your iPhone is lost you can now ping it from your Mac
• authorize Mac tasks (such as installing new software) with Touch ID or by knocking on your iPhone
• lock and unlock your Mac using Siri on your iPhone

Your credentials and data are secured and never leave your devices - AES encryption. For additional protection, the bluetooth communication channel is internally encrypted.

Near Lock requires a Mac that is running Mavericks or later. Your Mac also needs to support the latest Bluetooth LE technology.
The following Macs support Bluetooth LE:
• iMac late 2012 or newer
• MacBook Air 2011 or newer
• MacBook Pro 2012 or newer
• Mac mini 2011 or newer
• Mac Pro late 2013 or newer

Thanks to all the Near Lock users for the great feedback and suggestions!

Near Lock won second place at the "Show Your App Award" in Munich

If you enjoy using Near Lock, please take a moment and leave an honest review: it really helps.

Filip Duvnjak