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Ziraat Mobil

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Ziraat Mobil

Our Ziraat Mobile application, which provides convenient and practical access to banking transactions, offers many innovations to our Individual, Corporate and Corporate monitoring customers with its easy, understandable and user-friendly interfaces.

• With the monitoring infrastructure created for our young customers aged 15-18, they can use Ziraat Mobile with the authority to monitor.

• Within the scope of their authority, our corporate customers can view and approve their pending transactions from the Approval Management information panel in Ziraat Mobile application. Our corporate monitoring customers can use Ziraat Mobile with monitoring authority.

• Through the information panels on the main page; You can easily access many information / basic products / transactions such as My Assets / Liabilities, Accounts, Cards, Upcoming Instructions, My Last Transactions, and personalize these information panels according to your own needs and frequency of use with the Home Page Editing function in the Profile and Settings menu. Thanks to the advanced search feature on the homepage, you can easily access the transactions you want to perform.

• You can repeat the last 20 transactions you have done and provide the same operations in one step.

• With the Quick Transaction feature, you can save your frequently transferred Money Transfer / EFT transactions, and then complete the recorded transaction in one step.

• You can complete your transactions faster with special analytics for our customers such as the most frequently used account, buyer and most frequently / last sent amount.

• You can make your money transfer / EFT transactions to another account quickly and easily by reading IBAN with your camera or by selecting the photo containing IBAN from your gallery.

• While transferring money to another bank, you can see the name and lastname information of the IBAN owner as a hint, and you can continue your transaction by checking the accuracy.

• You can easily perform and follow your Western Union money transfer transactions.

• You can get instant notifications on money in and out of your account by updating your notification feature and information preference settings.

• You can apply without having to go to the branch from the applications menu, and you can follow the status of your applications.

• You can make your insurance, retirement, invoice and corporate payments from Ziraat Mobil and you can have DASK to protect your property against earthquake risk.

• You can easily pay your tax debt by making inquiries with multiple options thanks to the easy tax payment menu or by reading the barcode with your phone's camera thanks to the barcode scanning feature.

• With QR Code Transactions, you can make withdrawals / deposits from our ATMs without your card.

• You can add your profile photo to Ziraat Mobile application.

• Our customers, whose security preference is Ziraat Approve, can log in to Ziraat mobile application more securely with Fingerprint or Face Recognition. With the Remember Me feature, Customer No / T.C. You can save your ID number, and you can login with your password only in the next login.

Without the need to login to Ziraat mobile application;

• With the Make an Appointment feature, you can create your appointment without going to the branch and perform your transactions without waiting in the branch.

• Thanks to the Nearest Agriculture application, you can easily reach the locations of all branches and ATMs and get directions if needed.

• You can access our Bank and Market data instantly from the Financial Data field.

• With the Improved Calculation tools, you can calculate the plan of the loan you plan to receive or how much your deposit will bring.

• You can make your credit, KMH, credit card product applications and internet / mobile banking applications from the Applications area.
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