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Life can be so easy! OPlus is dedicated to bring the convenience of technology into everyday lives, and ultimately, meet the 5 essential needs to make a good living space: security, convenience, promotes good health, achieve good mood & harmony, and eco-friendly. We believe the value of technology lies in fulfillment of the users’ needs, and making their dreams come true.

O Plus Scene Controller used to control OPlus E-Box product.

Demonstration Video link:

##Attenation: "O Plus Scene Controller 2" is applies to the E-Box F/W version than 3.0 devices. otherwise, please use original "O Plus Scene Controller" application

##Attenation: If you don't have OPlus E-Box device, you can evaluate this application's functions through turn "ON" the demo mode in iPhone's settings.

##Attenation: O Plus Scene Controller 2 app will use wireless network (WiFi) to link with O Plus E-Box device.

For more information about O Plus E-Box product, please check our website or contact us use E-Mail: [email protected]
Jong Min Deng