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HomiSmart is a family of interconnected smart devices that allowing you the ability to control your electricity, home/office appliances, parking lots gates, smart buildings, smart access controls, sensors and security cameras from anywhere!

All you need is HomiSmart device and internet connection, downloads the app, and enjoys full smart online control to your chosen HomiSmart devices.

HomiSmart devices includes: Smart Main control unit, smart access controls, smart wall sockets , smart switches and more .

HomiSmart smart devices & App helps you:

· Having smart home/office without changing the regular electrical infrastructure.

· Getting online status indication of any HomiSmart connecting devices.

· Easy control.

· Connect up to 60 devices with one Main control unit.

· Set up timers electronically (one or few) for any operation repeating.

· Save Money - Getting online energy consumption, enjoy efficient usage that will allow you to reduce
your bills.

· Shut down chosen devices in just one press button.
· control and manage your building entrance access control.
· control and manage the parking lots.

· enjoy integrated smart building office / homes all with HomiSmart app & devices.

HomiSmart system enable you to turn on/off appliances remotely, set timers for returning events, get reminders for devices that are turned on/off and several others useful convenient features for your easy control.

The multiple timer features enable you save energy by turning off home/office appliances when you don’t use them.

The integration ability to control vast range of other Iot devices and technology is great with HomiSmart ending with convenient smarter and smoother operation of any size of assets homes offices buildings towers and many more needs that our technology and devices treating on a daily basis .

Multi-language – supporting 16 languages: English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, French, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Amharic, Hungarian, Turkish .
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