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Note: SoundMeter Pro has been replaced by the new SoundMeter X and will no longer be updated. You will be able to continue to use SoundMeter Pro as long as you run it on a device with a compatible version of iOS. SoundMeter X offers powerful new features. You can download it for free and try out the Pro features for free for up to 7 days.

*** Research points to SoundMeter as the best sound level meter app available on any mobile platform:
“The evidence suggests that for A-weighted data, SoundMeter is the app best suited for occupational and general purpose noise measurements.” — Kardous and Shaw, “Do Sound Meter Apps Measure Noise Levels Accurately?”, Sound & Vibration, July 2015

*** Many other sound level apps give unreliable results.

Based on SoundMeter, the original sound level meter app for iPhone, SoundMeter Pro turns your iOS device into a handheld data-logging sound level meter (SLM), data-logging noise dosimeter, and real-time analyzer (RTA).

SoundMeter Pro supports exponential-time-weighted sound level (Lp), equivalent sound level (Leq), and percentile-exceeded sound level (Lx) measurements in whole and 1/3-octave frequency bands with various time and frequency weightings. Overall and whole or 1/3-octave levels can be logged at intervals as small as 0.1 seconds for durations of up to two weeks (larger intervals are required for greater durations). The built-in signal generator tool can be used for generating calibration test tones, noise, chirps, or other periodic signals. SoundMeter Pro’s data-logging Noise Dosimeter tool calculates and logs noise dose, projected dose, 8-hour time weighted average (TWA), and A-weighted sound levels.

- Apple Watch app for remote monitoring and control from your wrist.
- Exponential-time-weighted (Lp), equivalent (Leq) and percentile-exceeded (Lx) sound levels.
- Whole and 1/3-octave sound levels (Lp, Leq, and Lx).
- NC, RNC, and NR reference curves with calculated NC, SIL, and NR levels.
- Flat, A, and C frequency weighting.
- Time-weighted measurement options include Fast, Slow, and Impulse weightings.
- Instantaneous peak and maximum sound levels.
- Store data in CSV, MAT, or TXT files, which can be transferred to another device or PC via web download, iTunes File Sharing, or email.
- Log sound levels at intervals as small as 0.1 seconds for durations of up to two weeks.
- Automatically save logged data periodically for arbitrarily long data acquisition sessions.
- Save high-resolution sound level display images to PDF files or to the device’s Camera Roll photo album. Descriptive text may be added to the image before it is saved.
- Calibration controls enable automatic sensitivity calibration, relative to a calibrated sound level meter, or manual entry of the microphone sensitivity.
- Screen rotation to any orientation.
- Data acquisition support includes an http server for downloading PDF, CSV, TXT and MAT files via a standard web browser running on a computer connected to the same network.

With the built-in or headset microphone, SoundMeter Pro can measure peak sound levels of up to approximately 130 dB. Results may vary between iOS devices and headset microphones. External microphones may enable the measurement of much higher sound levels.

The built-in and headset microphones are suitable for certain, basic sound level measurements, but high precision external microphones may also be used with appropriate audio accessory hardware. Even though default sensitivity values are included for the built-in and headset microphones, for best results, SoundMeter Pro should be calibrated before use.

NOTE: SoundMeter Pro has been designed to meet or exceed ANSI or IEC standards for sound level meters. However, these standards require conformance of the entire measurement system, including hardware, software, and microphone. Contact a qualified acoustical testing laboratory for information regarding standards certification.
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