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Neposmart is about helping you and the community prevent property crimes. Let good people in. Keep bad people out.
If you have a Neposmart Device, download this app to view live video, proactively monitor your perimeter with Neposmart Beam, control your garage door, receive real time alerts, speak, and listen anywhere, anytime on your iPhone or iPad. Control your garage with your voice with the voice command feature. Use this companion app for home/business proactive monitoring, or for controlling your garage; take your pick! More features, all in one package.

We designed Neposmart in such a way that you truly own and control your device. Why is this so important? Your information should be for your eyes only, and only you should be able to own and control it, not anyone else. Rest assured, your data is stored only inside the devices you own and communicates directly to your app, not on our servers. No matter who tries to access your data for any reason - our employees, a bad person or even a government entity - we cannot provide it.

• This app can control multiple Neposmart Devices. Use it to monitor your home, your perimeter, your pets, children, business or garage.

Integrated Garage Controller
• With the included Intelligent Garage system included with every Neposmart Device installed, you can view your garage, open, and close it from your app no matter where you are.
• Receive customized alerts when your door opens/closes or if you happen to forget to close it after a certain amount of time.
• Works with your existing garage door system. One device, no need for any additional hubs or servers.

Integrated Perimeter Monitoring with Light/Siren
• Works with Neposmart Beam to monitor any perimeters using invisible beams.
• Receive alerts with picture and video when perimeter is breached. Immediately know what is going on around your home and business. Able to activate floodlight or alarm siren for a specified period of time when a perimeter is breached.

Apple Watch Compatible
• Open/Close your garage door, gate, activate flood light or siren directly from your Apple Watch

Easy Setup
• Our advanced auto discovery technology means no complex networking configurations needed, no port forwarding and no need to pay for static IP addresses to your Internet provider.
• We made it easy so you can do it yourself.

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