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Light Track

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Light Track

Light Track accurately provides the position of the sun and the moon at any point in time, anywhere on our planet. Utilizing an interactive map view, a 3D Compass, and detailed Ephemeris mode, the user is aware of the precise location of the sun and the moon at any given time – night or day.

Light Track is a must-have for photographers, filmmakers, architects, real estate agents and home builders, serious - and not so serious - gardeners as well as others who need to the know the location of our nearest celestial bodies for whatever reason.

Main features :
- Sun azimuth and altitude, sunrise and sunset data, shadow ration
- Summer and winter solstices, vernal and autumnal equinoxes
- Moon azimuth and altitude, moonrise and moon set, phases of the moon illumination and distance, and lunar parallax angle
- Moon perigee and apogee
- Twilight data, (civil, nautical and astronomical), Golden Hours, Blue Hours and Solar Noon
Vacata AG