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Totem 2

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Totem 2

Totem was created to help atheists, humanists, and other secular-minded people in their quest for civic equality through education. This secular lexicon contains information about world religions and religious information, as well as inspiration through witty and insightful quotes, arguments, facts, and more. Totem will also help you increase your ability to make cogent arguments against belief and faith while respecting others' right to believe what they choose.

The user interface is modern and responsive. Searches are multi-threaded making them incredibly fast, and content is really easy to find with smart categories and groupings. In fact, Spotlight search integration in iOS 9 allows you to find Totem content from anywhere! And once you find the right bit of information, you can mark it as a favorite or share it using the iOS sharing sheets.

Get inspired in the Notification Center with the included Quote of the Day widget, always one swipe away. Likewise, the included Apple Watch app gives you a great way to pass the time or start your day on the right foot with an inspirational quote of the day. The quotes on the Apple Watch app are attributed, and even include photos and mini biographies for the author.

* Thanks to Icons8 ( for their beautiful iOS line icons!
Michael Argentini