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The simplest and most user-friendly exchange rate tool in the market, xCurrency provides real-time query services on exchange rates for more than 210 legal currencies, digital currencies, precious metals and more. Designed to be intuitive with sufficient details, it is a must-have when you travel, shop or study abroad, or for investment and financial management. It is highly recommended by Apple Store in the home page;

Based on the many years of experience we have in cross-border transactions, we are the first to integrate two functions, exchange rate enquiry and rate calculations, into one single application. The simple and elegant interface is backed by a solid and robust interior. It is your most capable assistant in consumption scenarios such as overseas travel, online and overseas shopping, life in a foreign country, overseas study, investment and financial management. You will feel its difference once you start to use xCurrency. Its interface is extremely concise, elegant and clean with a smart computing keyboard and real-time updates of rate data. Not only that, we also provide a free, valuable, and professional historical exchange rate feature. In just one swipe, you can switch to view any of the more than 210 legal currencies, digital currencies and precious metals globally.

Simplicity stems from complexity. In order to meet your various needs for exchange rate queries and currency exchange, we have included a more professional real-time exchange rate page. The proprietary interface allows users to intuitively understand market information about hundreds of legal and digital currencies as well as precious metals. You can easily switch among the list of currencies to get a grasp on information like the global average prices and the 24h rise and fall in prices. The new card design lightens up the whole interface and components, using a small number of interactions to achieve a more efficient and reliable performance.

Special Features:
-Minimalist design: Just the right amount of information;
-Local currency: Automatic localization of local currency;
-Real-time rate: A proprietary real-time exchange rate interface that automatically updates the latest rates of global currencies in real time in an interconnected network to make it easier to query;
-Offline use: Automatically updates to the latest rates for a hassle-free offline use;
-Switch currencies: Swipe right to switch between more than 210 currencies worldwide, including Bitcoin, gold and other special currencies;
-Historical rates: Best available historical rate interface that is elegant and easy to use.
-Rate calculator: First to incorporate exchange rate query and calculation into a single application for a convenient and fast experience;
-Multiple exchange rate sources: Provides a variety of exchange rate sources, including intermediate prices, as well as buying and selling prices;
-Widget search: Enter currency name, currency abbreviation or country name to search for the currency you want for exchange rate conversion.
-3D Touch: press the app bottom to find a shortcut for currency checking.

*** REVIEWS ***
"Well designed, intuitive and simple to use. I liked xCurrency a lot." - rdromao
"AMZ! xCurrency is a great all-in-one converter app. No need to go online for foreign exchange rate. All I need is with this great app." - Nerzki
"Just an awesome currency app. This app has made my life much easier and save a lot of money in trip." - Mark3645

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