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World City Guides & Maps

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World City Guides & Maps

Get offline maps and travel guides for 235 top travel destinations in the world.

Download an offline map and travel guide for any city to try the app for free. If you like it, you can download more cities with in-app purchases.

Get comprehensive information with full Wikipedia articles for all the major tourist attractions.

Read in-depth travel guides for each city from Wikivoyage.

Get around with offline maps of public transportation for over 100 cities.

Create travel itineraries of all the places you want to visit and have them available for offline use.

Avoid expensive roaming charges and poor Internet connections, since everything is stored on your device and available anytime, anywhere.

Backup and sync your itineraries and notes between devices.

Cities with in-depth guides and offline maps include:
Alexandria, Egypt
Amman, Jordan
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Ankara, Turkey
Antwerp, Belgium
Athens, Greece
Auckland, New Zealand
Austin, United States
Bangkok, Thailand
Barcelona, Spain
Beijing, China
Beirut, Lebanon
Belfast, United Kingdom
Belgrade, Serbia
Berlin, Germany
Bogota, Colombia
Bologna, Italy
Bordeaux, France
Boston, United States
Bratislava, Slovakia
Brisbane, Australia
Brussels, Belgium
Bucharest, Romania
Budapest, Hungary
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Cairo, Egypt
Cape Town, South Africa
Cardiff, United Kingdom
Casablanca, Morocco
Cebu City, Philippines
Chania, Greece
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Chicago, United States
Christchurch, New Zealand
Copenhagen, Denmark
Córdoba, Spain
Cork, Ireland
Doha, Qatar
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dublin, Ireland
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Evora, Portugal
Florence, Italy
Frankfurt, Germany
Galway, Ireland
Gdańsk, Poland
Geneva, Switzerland
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Granada, Spain
Grand Canyon Village, United States
Hamburg, Germany
Hanoi, Vietnam
Havana, Cuba
Helsinki, Finland
Heraklion, Greece
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Honolulu, United States
Innsbruck, Austria
Istanbul, Turkey
Jakarta, Indonesia
Jerusalem, Israel
Johannesburg, South Africa
Kiev, Ukraine
Kolkata, India
Krakow, Poland
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Kuwait City, Kuwait
Kyoto, Japan
Las Vegas, United States
Lima, Peru
Limerick, Ireland
Lisbon, Portugal
Liverpool, United Kingdom
Ljubljana, Slovenia
London, United Kingdom
Los Angeles, United States
Lucerne, Switzerland
Luxor, Egypt
Lyon, France
Machu Picchu, Peru
Madrid, Spain
Manchester, United Kingdom
Mandalay, Myanmar
Manila, Philippines
Marrakesh, Morocco
Marseille, France
Medellin, Colombia
Melbourne, Australia
Mexico City, Mexico
Miami & Miami Beach, United States
Milan, Italy
Minsk, Belarus
Monaco, Monaco
Montreal, Canada
Moscow, Russia
Mumbai, India
Munich, Germany
Nanjing, China
Naples, Italy
New Delhi, India
New Orleans, United States
New York, United States
Niagara Falls, United States
Nicosia, Cyprus
Odesa, Ukraine
Osaka, Japan
Oslo, Norway
Palermo, Italy
Panama City, Panama
Paris, France
Perth, Australia
Petra, Jordan
Philadelphia, United States
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Pisa, Italy
Podgorica, Montenegro
Porto, Portugal
Prague, Czech Republic
Reykjavik, Iceland
Rhodes, Greece
Rīga, Latvia
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Rome, Italy
Salzburg, Austria
San Francisco, United States
San Juan, Puerto Rico
San Salvador, El Salvador
Santiago, Chile
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sapporo, Japan
Seattle, United States
Seoul, South Korea
Seville, Spain
Shanghai, China
Siem Reap, Cambodia
Singapore, Singapore
Skopje, Macedonia
Sofia, Bulgaria
Split, Croatia
St Petersburg, Russia
Stockholm, Sweden
Strasbourg, France
Sydney, Australia
Tallinn, Estonia
Tangier, Morocco
Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel Aviv, Israel
Tirana, Albania
Tokyo, Japan
Toronto, Canada
Tunis, Tunisia
Valletta, Malta
Vancouver, Canada
Venice, Italy
Vienna, Austria
Vientiane, Laos
Vilnius, Lithuania
Warsaw, Poland
Washington, D.C., United States
Wellington, New Zealand
Xi'an, China
Zurich, Switzerland
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