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Bingo Lottery Minds

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Bingo Lottery Minds

Amazing funny bingo to play with many friends via email.
Automatic Bingo Cards Generation according with standard bingo rules. No limit.
Cards can be sent via email.
The App checks the numbers of the Bingo Cards sent and the result are shown on the screen.
App detects the Line and Bingo on the Bingo Card that gets it.
No money needed for playing.
No Ads.
You can use Apple TV to playing in groups
Two user modes: manual and automatic.
Two versions: 75 and 90 balls.
Two different card versions. (for 75 and 90 numbers)
App says the numbers in loud for playing in group.
Players can check their numbers on the emails.
Chinese version with Chinese numbers.
Free access to Murolau Apps

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Enjoy Bingo Minds !!!!!!
Juan Fullana