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8 Classic Games

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8 Classic Games

A pack of 8 classic games for you to enjoy on your Apple Watch or Apple TV or your iPhone/iPad:

◉ Block Puzzle
Use the Digital crown or your finger to move the bricks around. Tap to rotate and swipe down to drop.

◉ Mine Sweeper
Tap to reveal a square. If a square containing a mine, you lose. Reveal all square to win.

◉ Maze Man
Swipe to change direction, collect all things on the map but don't touch the ghost!

◉ Line Puzzle
Remove balls by forming lines (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) of at least five balls of the same color. Get the highscore!

◉ Break Out
Use the Digital Crown or your finger to move your paddle and hit the ball. Destroy all the blocks to finish levels.

◉ Tappy Bird
Tap the screen to fly up. Avoid the pipes and get the highscore.

◉ Snake
Swipe to change snake direction.

◉ Tic-Tac-Toe
Challenge your brain with the AI.

=> On Apple Watch please use force touch to show game menu.

Wish you enjoy all! Thanks for all your feedback.
Nguyen Huy Diep