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Camera app designed with infinite flexibility in mind to smoothly control color, focus, zoom, speed, and profile switching during video recording. Instantly create and share uniquely looking videos.
+ Supports external viewfinder through included Apple Watch companion app or separately available “7iew” app.
+ Chromakey style masking by shade, color, alpha channel image, frame-to-frame difference
+ Time acceleration or slow-down with a single slider control to achieve dynamic speed changes in a recorded video
+ Vertical-to-horizon video stabilization
+ Custom image resolution and encoding options
+ User interface color customization
+ Focus points magnification for visual evaluation of sharpness
+ Overlay color, image or video asset
+ Palette matching with image or video asset
+ Partial application of overlay or color adjustments within or outside a masked area
+ Microphone selection supports external and Bluetooth microphones
+ Audio monitoring through headphones or Bluetooth audio
+ AirPlay and HDMI outputs show real-time fullscreen video
+ Take photos during recording
+ Flashlight control
+ Audio encoder selection
+ Advanced parameters in the app's System Settings menu
+ Language translations of texts within the app
+ App icons in variety of colors (if supported by iOS version)
+ Privacy is the top priority, the app does not use any trackers of user activity

This app encourages creative experimentation and relies on the ability to envision possibilities in combination with multiple features, which may require up to one month to learn and understand.

The app will not remind you to write a review on AppStore. Please consider reviewing the app and share your experience on the AppStore after one month of usage.

If you have any question to the developer, please send a direct message from the website

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