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We are glad to announce iPhone app each trader must have - ClockStock! With ClockStock you can easily understand which exchanges are currently open, which are closed and when the other will start their trading day.

Only in ClockStock you have a choice of 27 major Stock Exchanges*, 68 Exotic once** and 8 Forex trading sessions*** You can choose up to 19 Stock Exchanges to show on a main screen and change them just in a few taps.

All the information is shown in your current time so you don’t have to make any time conversions anymore. Also you can always change the time-zone just clicking the UTC button at the centre and rotating the dial (available in PRO version).

Don't want to miss the opening/closing time of the specific exchange? Just set the alarm and you will receive notification desired time before (available in PRO version).

* Stock Exchanges available in PRO version:
NYSE; NASDAQ OMX Group; Tokyo Stock Exchange; London Stock Exchange; Euronext; Hong Kong Stock Exchange; Shanghai Stock Exchange; Toronto Stock Exchange; Frankfurt Stock Exchange; Australian Securities Exchange; Bombay Stock Exchange; National Stock Exchange of India; SIX Swiss Exchange; BM&F Bovespa; Korea Exchange; Shenzhen Stock Exchange; BME Spanish Exchanges; JSE Limited; Moscow Exchange; Singapore Exchange; Taiwan Stock Exchange; NZX Limited; Saudi Stock Exchange; Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange; Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange; Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Xetra); NASDAQ Dubai

** Stock Exchanges List available in Exotic Exchanges package:
Please see the full List of Exchanges available in Exotic Exchanges package in FAQ section of ClockStock.

** Forex Market Hours in Forex Hours package:
London, Frankfurt, New York, Chicago, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney, Wellington

We are always welcome to answer any questions, please use Support tab inside App.
Euganox Ltd