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Stop struggling with your normal garage remote and with one click and a swipe, you'll be on your way to open or close your garage door.

With an easy DIY project, you will be able to control your garage door opener (any brand) with a compatible Axis Camera with output terminals.

Be sure to have everything you need:
1. A compatible Axis Camera (see below)
2. A garage door that can be opened with a simple switch
3. Buy or build the easy relay circuit
4. Have a public IP Address and port forwarding on your router.

Check out the documentation for more information:

Supported Axis cameras:
M1004-W, M1033-W, M1034-W, M1054, M1143-L, M1144-L, M2014-E, M3024-LVE, M3025-VE, M3026-VE, P1204, P1214, P1214-E, P1353, P1353-E, P1354, P1354-E, P1355, P1355-E, P1357, P1357E, P3346, P3346-V, P3346-VE, P3363-V, P3363-VE, P3364-LV, P3364-LVE, P3364-V, P3364-VE, P3367-V, P3367-VE, P3384V, P3384VE, P5414-E, P5512, P5522, P5532, P5534, P5544, P7210, P7214, P7216, P7224 Blade, Q1602, Q1602E, Q1604, Q1604E, Q1755, Q1755-E, Q1765-LE, Q1910, Q1910-E, Q1921, Q1921-E, Q1922, Q1922-E, Q6032, Q6032-C, Q6034, Q6034-C, Q6035, Q6035-C, Q7401, Q7404, Q7406 Blade, Q7411, Q7414 Blade, Q7424-R, 212PTZ, 212PTZ-V, 214PTZ, P3301, P3301-V, P3304, P3304-V, or any other Axis Camera with alarm output option.
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