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CasinoExplorer is an on-line tool for casino management, marketing and sales persons and any other person that should have access to live casino information. This application is build to be used in a real "brick and mortar" casino and requires that specific software is available and installed BEFORE you can use this application. The applications required are "CasinoExplorer", "PlayerTracking pro" and "HR Master" that have to be purchased and installed. Alternatively, do we also provide the service to build a custom back-end server that will work with your existing systems.

The app features at a glance:

- Real-time estimates, browse-able per hour or as an interactive chart.
- Player File with all relevant information
- Staff File with all relevant information
- Monitoring of Casino Reception
- Monitoring of Staff Entry and Exit
- Monitoring of building Door Access System
- Monitoring of V.I.P, Door Access System
- Monitoring of Parking Management System
- Control of Parking Management System (Barrier Open)
- Monitoring of Slots On-Line System
- Monitoring of current Live Game Players
- Monitoring of current Slot Machine players
- Analytical Final Results Report by Date
- Centralized management of all users and individual access rights modification. All above features can be individually enabled or disabled for each user.
- Easy setup due to proprietary back-end server which is a single executable.
- Easy scalability by using multiple back-end servers.

For more info about this please visit our support site.
Xenofon Lemke