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My Fishing Forecast 2.2

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My Fishing Forecast 2.2

Know if the fish are biting before you go to your favorite fishing hole from your phone or watch!

My Fishing Forecast takes the guess work out of interpreting weather patterns and solunar events impact on fish activity by providing you with a simple up-to-the-minute fishing condition rating for your EXACT location and point in time over a period of the next 5 days.

My Fishing Forecast is the only "best fishing times" tool to combine solunar events, weather trends, and astrological data into a single easy to read rating. No need to have an advanced degree or personal understanding of the advanced scientific processes that power it, the app interprets the data and provides an hourly breakdown for you with a simple rating ranging from Poor to Epic. You can simply sit back, let the app do the all the statistical analysis for you and just fish!

* Up-to-the-minute Local Fishing Times
* Simple and easy to read
* Most accurate fishing times predictions available
* Only "Best Fishing Times" app to combine solunar, weather trends, and astrological data into a single rating
* Works globally
* Real-time Weather integration
* Personalized to your exact location through GPS integration
* Provides current weather conditions and weather summary for next 5 days
* Real-time Solunar calculations
* Planetary data powered by NASA
* Weather data powered by

Watch Features
* Glance shows fishing forecast for next 4 hours for your primary location
* App shows fishing forecast for next 4 hours for all of your stored locations