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7 Min Sixpack Workout & Abs Core Exercises Videos

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7 Min Sixpack Workout & Abs Core Exercises Videos

The app is designed for any fitness level which means that you can adjust the tempo and workout level gradually as you become more fit and comfortable.

With the help of this app, you are going to focus on sculpting those abs, strengthen your core and finally reveal those great looking six-packs.

Also, this app doesn't require you to have any kind of equipment which makes it great for working on your abs no matter whether you are traveling, hanging on the beach or sitting in your office.

Simply put, you have no more excuses for not sculpting those great abs that you are hiding.


- Timer for counting down the exercises
- Adjust the timer depending on your workout level
- Each exercise is demonstrated by a professional trainer
- Pre-designed workouts to help you get started quickly
- Customize the duration of your workout session
- Track progress with our intuitive statistics feature

... plus, a lot more!

So, what are you waiting for?

Get this app today and start sculpting those abs!
Catrnja Dev