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My Nitroxbuddy

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My Nitroxbuddy

My Nitroxbuddy is the accompanying App for our Smart Gas Analyzers: cootwo and Nitroxbuddy.
Nitroxbuddy is a wireless Oxygen analyzer that display results on a smartphone.
cootwo is a dual-gas Carbon Monoxide and Oxygen analyzer and data logger specifically designed for scuba diving that can be used standalone or in conjunction with a smartphone / tablet.

Nitroxbuddy is the easiest way to analyze, log and share your gas mixes. Just position the Nitroxbuddy wireless sensor in front of the scuba cylinder you want to analyze and the results will show up on your iPhone.

The App will even create a log of your analysis and calculate for you MOD and EAD.
You can then edit the log and add more info, such as cylinder type, fill pressure, cost, images and dive operator.

In Fill Station Operator mode, the My Nitroxbuddy app could be used by a dive operator as an electronic loogbook of their fills. In addition to the analysis the app will also store customer's information.

For more info on how to use the My Nitroxbuddy app for iOS check our support forum -->
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