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Cerego mobile is a convenient and easy way to stay on top of your courses and assignments. When you sign into your Cerego account the app will automatically sync all of your course content and display your progress with the material.

Studying on mobile is the most efficient, effective way to learn. Study on the go with the Cerego personalized learning app and see 2X better results!

Learning science shows that short, frequent interactions known as "microlearning" and timeliness are key predictors of better learning. Improve how you learn and retain what you learn with Cerego at your fingertips.

Why you’ll love the mobile app:
- Personalized to you, Cerego tells you what to study and when to review
- Smart notifications based on your study habits alert you when it’s time to review and ensure you stay on track
- Charts your progress across courses and assignments so that you always know where you stand
- Provides insights and analytics to highlight your strengths and uncover concepts that need your attention
- Syncs your study progress automatically across all of your devices
- Offline study mode saves your progress when you are not connected to the internet

About Cerego:
Cerego is a learning technology company and the creator of a personalized learning platform that helps people learn faster, remember longer and quantify what they know. Our powerful adaptive learning engine is based on thousands of hours of research in the fields of neuroscience, learning theory, and cognitive science are built into the platform to ensure that every course is completely personalized to you based on your activity on the app.
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