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An ode to swiping.

UDLR is a simple, but elegant, swipe based game with a pickup and play attitude. Get as many swipes as possible. Swipe in the correct direction to add time. If you run out of time or swipe incorrectly, it's game over.

UDLR:SWIPE (iPhone) & UDLR:TAP (Apple Watch) are two similar, but unique, synesthetic experiences embracing the touch input of their respective devices.

The premise is simple. 

Color = Direction

With clever mastery and persistence, players begin naturally matching color to direction.

• UDLR:TAP now on Apple Watch
• 3D Touch support to Pause game
• Multitasking features
• Each color is a swiping direction
• Synesthesia mechanics
• Minimalist design
• Compete with friends on GameCenter
• Sync all devices with iCloud
11:11 Studios