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Draft Clock

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Draft Clock

If you've had it with team owners abusing the time system during a live fantasy draft, then DraftClock is the perfect companion tool to keep them honest. DraftClock allows you to do the following:

- Create and save as many leagues as you'd like
- Create and manage teams/owners within each league.
- Drag and drop to set your leagues draft order
- Set the number of the rounds for your league's draft
- Choose between "Snake" and "Linear" style drafts
- Implement an optional "Dual timer" system, which allows you to set a different time limit for later rounds
- Run a FULL draft timer, which keeps track of who is currently drafting, who's next, which round you're in, which pick you're on, and more!
- Skip to the next round with one tap as soon as a pick is in.
- Alert users when time is running out with both audio and visual feedback.
- View and control your draft from your wrist with Apple Watch

DraftClock is NOT sport-specific and should work equally well for fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy hockey, fantasy basketball, fantasy soccer, etc.
Justin Gaynor