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Salah Timings provides Islamic prayer timings (Salat), and shows you the direction to Mecca from anywhere in the world. For devout Muslims, it’s a handy tool for religious observance.

Prayer Timings and Reminders – Worldwide!
Conveniently view prayer timings for any city in the world and set prayer reminders for your current location.

Qibla Compass
Always know what the direction of Mecca is! The built in Qibla compass indicates the direction to the Kaaba in Mecca, by taking the difference between the magnetic north and true north into consideration.

Zakat Calculator
The handy Zakat Calculator helps you calculate the Zakat that you need to offer.

Mosque/Masjid Finder
Locate nearby Mosques/Masjids, within a radius of 5 kms/3 miles.

Notification Center alert
View the time remaining for the next prayer in the Notification Center. You can also access any of the screens, within the app, through the Notification Center.

View essential Supplications/Duas, with English translations.

Featured Products
You can use the Featured Products section to purchase items from iTunes, especially hand-picked for you!

Apple Watch Support
You can see the name of the upcoming prayer, along with the time remaining for it on your Apple Watch.
Also, if you have set reminders for any or all of the prayers in the Phone app, you will receive these reminders on the Watch as well.
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