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Thanks for your interest in Moven. We are enhancing some of our key features for a new experience coming soon. While we are not accepting new accounts at this time, you can stay updated on Moven’s recent news and latest changes by visiting our website.


Spend, save and live smarter with Moven Smart Banking:

● Pay using your Moven MasterCard® Debit Card or directly with your phone via Apple Pay.

● Track spending with our easy-to-use money management tools.

● Get instant receipts for all spending directly to your phone.

● Track spending across all of your bank and credit accounts! Sync quickly and easily.

● Pay friends easily through our easy-to-use, in-app money transfer tool.

● Forget about fees! Access your money at over 42,000 ATMs with no surcharges. And Moven charges absolutely no monthly fees or overdraft charges.

● Widgets show your Moven balance, Spending Meter™, and recent transactions at a glance.

● Apple Watch users can see their Instant Receipts and Spending Meter on the go.

Whether you’re buying groceries, dining out, or saving for something on your wishlist, Moven automatically analyzes your spending and gives you instant receipts and insights so you can spend, save and live smarter. You can also use Moven with your existing debit, checking, and credit card accounts!

With your free Moven account, you get a MasterCard® Debit Card and a Spending Account to help you track, manage and save money.

Signing up is free and only takes 2 minutes. Let’s get saving!

How Does it Work?

The Moven® Smart Banking card and app work together to help you track, understand and manage your spending and saving.

1 - Download the free Moven Smart Mobile Banking app.

2 - Open your free Moven account. It’s quick, easy and you can do it all from your mobile. It’s FDIC Insured, and you can use the Moven debit card wherever MasterCard® is accepted. You’ll get your card within 2 weeks. You can also use Moven with your existing debit, checking, and credit card accounts. Nice!

3 - Add money into your account. Direct deposit, checks and cash, Moven accepts them all.

4 - Pay with Moven. Swipe your Moven debit card or tap it with Apple Pay on your phone. Receive spending insights instantly after every purchase to help you control your spending. That’s mobile banking at it’s easiest!

5 - Track with the App. The Moven Smart Mobile Banking app instantly categorizes each purchase, and shows you how much you’ve spent for the month.

6 - Control your spending. When you’re aware of how much you’re spending, it’s easier to keep your spending under control.

7 - Stash those gains into savings. See your personalized savings path, and afford your wish list faster.

Download Moven today!


The Moven debit card is issued by CBW Bank, member FDIC, so your money is safely held in a federally-insured account.