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SessionTRAC Time Remaining Awareness Clock

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SessionTRAC Time Remaining Awareness Clock

SessionTRAC is a visual timer that allows for easy monitoring of the time remaining in any timed session. It is ideally suited for presentations, speeches, college classes, medical visits, massage, personal training sessions, play or nap time.

The interface is designed to be easily understood, providing quick understanding of the fraction and pace of the time remaining, even if you’re distracted by the job-at-hand (e.g., giving a speech, lecturing). SessionTRAC is ideal for teachers, presenters, managers, and doctors to judge their use of time.

• Intuitive interface with visual representation of the time remaining in a session
• Brightness control for use in a darkened room
• Alarm options include silence
• Red/green or Color-Blind Mode (black/white)
• 12-hour or 24-hour modes
• Three themes: bright, modern, and gothic
• Supports English, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Japanese

• Simple Timer Mode for quick use with minimal effort
• Fast-Forward/Reverse, Pause/Play and Reset
• Multiple user-defined preset Timer values
• Systemwide Notification when timer elapses

• Programmable Schedule Mode for regularly-scheduled events
• Simple programming interface
Gary Huckell