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by Almeza
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by Almeza
Manage the tasks: task lists, projects, reminders, assignments.

LeaderTask — is a simple and convenient service to manage the tasks.

It will help you to make a task list for a day/week/month/year, to allocate tasks by categories and projects, to divide tasks into subtasks, to set a reminder for the important tasks, to attach documents to them, to assign tasks to friends/colleagues and to do many other things.

Key advantages:
1. Offline mode (you can manage tasks even without the Internet connection)
2. Supports all time-management systems: GTD, Autofocus, Do It Tomorrow and so on.
3. Applies to all spheres of activity
4. Simple to master, does not require a specific knowledge

Using LeaderTask you will achieve the following results:
1. You will get rid of a total obliviousness
2. You will bring your tasks in order
3. You will receive more free time for family, rest, creativity and other pleasant things
4. You will put your personal productivity at a new level
5. You will be able to control more projects simultaneously at your work
6. You will speed up the goal achievements
7. You will get rid of stress connected with a great number of tasks that "circulate" in your head