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Chat AI Assistant

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Chat AI Assistant

Introducing Thready: Your Revolutionary AI Assistant App for Apple Watch & iPhone!

Discover the Power of Thready, the Ultimate AI Assistant for Apple Devices. Powered by ChatGPT, experience Seamless Interactions with the Famous GPT Model from Open AI Right from Your Wrist or On the Go.
Terms of Use:

Key Features:
- Seamless interaction with the renowned GPT model directly from your Apple Watch or iPhone.
- Instantly obtain answers to your inquiries or generate extended messages effortlessly, eliminating the need for typing.
- Choose from a diverse range of pre-designed prompt templates such as being an English teacher, a math tutor, a dream interpreter, creating a vacation plan to Japan, and much more!
- Effortlessly share the results of your interactions with others through text, email, or social media platforms.
- Conveniently set the app as a complication for quick and easy access.
- Enjoy Text-to-Speech functionality that reads out the responses to you, ensuring effortless comprehension (Ensure your device is not on silent mode).
- Enhanced control and customization options with the ability to add your own API key.

Discover the endless possibilities of what you can ask AI to write for you:

* Engaging stories, captivating poems, inspiring song lyrics, and engaging scripts.
* Improve your language skills and explore text translation capabilities.
* Obtain information on any topic you desire.
* Unleash your inner chef with mouthwatering food recipes.
* Delight in a collection of amusing dad jokes for a good laugh.
* Plan an unforgettable 1-week trip to Japan with expert guidance.
* Find recommendations on what to watch, from movies to TV shows.
* Dive into the world of coding and math equations with AI-generated assistance.
and much more! Let your imagination soar with AI's versatile writing abilities.
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