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WatchCloud lets you to listen to music from SoundCloud directly from your watch, no phone required.

Sign in with your SoundCloud account to access your favourite tracks and playlists, and discover new music from artists you're following, all on your wrist!

- Ad-free listening
- Search all of SoundCloud for tracks, playlists, and artists
- View new tracks from artists you're following
- Quick Action support: Double tap to play and pause music
- Shuffle playlists
- Change playback speed
- Like tracks and playlists, and follow artists directly from your watch
- Access your liked tracks, liked playlists, and personal playlists
- Watch complication shortcuts to open the app
- Share links to tracks, playlists, or your profile

WatchCloud is an independent app that uses the public SoundCloud API in accordance with the API Terms of Use, and is in no way affiliated with SoundCloud.

SoundCloud account required to use app.

Internet connection required.

[email protected]
Ryan Forsyth