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iHaBu Pro

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iHaBu Pro

This app is designed for users who want to do double-entry accounting on their iPhone or iPad. 

As with all our apps, the aim of this app was to be simple and quick to use. For this reason, there are no unnecessary graphic effects.

You can enter values directly in the journal or in one of the user-defined cashbooks. And to display the values, there are various reports.  Independent of the above functions, there is a driver's logbook.

If you use one of our desktop programs (xHaBu, Mac HaBu, Win-HaBu and Lin-HaBu), you can synchronise all data with it. This gives you the ability to enter data on the mobile device. And if you need some reports, you can get them directly on your iPhone or iPad.

This app can also be used without in-app purchase. However, it is then only used to display data that has been transferred from one of our desktop programs. This can be helpful during meetings, for example.

This app is based on the "iHaBu" app, which has been available for some time. In order to be able to integrate all current and future functions of the iPhone and iPad, the application had to be rewritten. We also offer support for the AppleWatch. However, the data of the old application "iHaBu" can be taken over.
MC Richter GbR